Therapies to Reduce the Symptoms of Parkinson's

…well. Creatine Can Help Shaky Muscles Creatine also shows promise in treating patients with neuromuscular disease such as Parkinson’s. One study involved 80 patients with muscular dystrophies and other neurological diseases. Participants were given either a placebo, or 5 grams of creatine a day for…

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Recovering from an Addiction to Alcohol

…recommend, and drink, a protein “shake” each morning with 30 to 35 grams of whey protein mixed with water or skim milk. I add cinnamon powder, creatine (5 grams), ribose powder, a tablespoon or two of sunflower lecithin granules, ice, and sometimes half a banana to complete the drink. I often add…

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How to Reduce High Triglyceride Levels

…burn more carbohydrates, leaving less for storage. (If you want to build even more lean muscle, you can add muscle-building supplements such as creatine and conjugated linoleic acid.) * Take alpha lipoic acid. It’s more expensive than many supplements, but at doses of around 300 mg a day, it has…

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