Coconut Oil

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Q&A: How To Take Coconut Oil Daily

…can also mix it with spices for a rub to put on meat. Now It's Your Turn: How do you include coconut oil in your diet? You May Also Be Interested In: * The Skinny on Healthy Cooking Oils * Could Castor Oil Cure Everything

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Should You Eat Like a Caveman?

…soy) from the diet. Substituting a paleo diet consisting of meat, fowl, fish, seafood, eggs, nuts, berries, avocados, olives, certain oils (olive, avocado, palm, coconut), and fresh fruits and vegetables often resolves the above problems. At the same time grain products were increasing dramatically in…

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Go Crazy for Coconuts

…a good balance of the various fatty acids. Yes, coconuts and coconut oil are high in fat. But research has shown that saturated fats in tropical oils such as coconut do not cause heart problems and may actually be beneficial to your heart. Coconut oil reduces LDL cholesterol, raises HDL (the beneficial…

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Weekly Update for January 27, 2014

…What is Ashwagandha? * Chia Pudding Recipe Also, coming up on my blog this week: * CHANGE YOUR LIFE – Why You Should Walk, January 28 * Q&A: Coconut Oil – Wednesday, January 29 * A Serotonin Sleep Shake – Friday, January 31 Be sure to visit again in a couple days! Now it’s your turn: What topics…

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Green Tea Cheesecake Pie

…flavor to this non-dairy, unbaked “cheesecake.” Ingredients * 3 green tea bags * 1 cup rolled oats * 8 chopped pitted dates * 2 Tbsp. and 1 tsp. coconut oil * 3 Tbsp. concentrated green tea made with 3 tea bags (see step * 2 boxes (13 oz each) of firm Mori-Nu brand silken tofu * 1½ tsp. macha (green…

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