How to Prevent and Treat the Dreaded Traveler's Diarrhea

…five days to a couple of weeks, you should become adjusted to the new surroundings. For shorter stays, I would consider taking a digestive enzyme, chlorophyll, or garlic capsules with each meal, to neutralize any foreign bacteria. If you get turista, you must first drink lots of clean water; the more water…

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Six Steps to Successful Sprouting

…easily. Now, drain the water out of the jar again, but this time leave it uncovered, rightside up, and in the open, so the light can develop the chlorophyll. Do not put sprouts in direct sunlight, and don’t let them dry out. When the sprouts have turned a light green color, they are ready to eat. 6…

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Which Vitamin When?

…* Iron supplements * Individual minerals After Meals: * Vitamin A * Vitamin D * Vitamin E * Vitamin K * Herbs to aid digestion Between Meals: * Chlorophyll (water soluable) * Glandulars and similar tissue extracts * Most herbs (except for those used in digestion) * Phosphorus * Sodium products

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