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Natural Back Pain Treatment

…don't work for you—or you prefer a different approach—here are some other excellent ways to relieve back pain naturally: * Magnet Therapy * Chiropractic Care * Prolotherapy * Thompson Maneuver * Ma Roller * DMSO Magnet Therapy Doctors have known for years that your body's healing process is triggered…

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Three Steps to Healthier Glands

…time to rebuild. The best tool for the job is a glandular supplement called Drenamin from the company Standard Process, available through Banks Chiropractic, at SpineLife. I suggest starting with 3 tablets of Drenamin a day. For the greatest effect, break the tablets in half and chew ½ tablet six different…

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Common Causes of High Blood Pressure

…products can cause high blood pressure. * Pain, muscle tension, and misalignments of the joints or vertebra in the spinal column. This is why chiropractic adjustments to the spine can help lower blood pressure. * Poor breathing technique. Your breathing habits directly influence the health of your…

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Preparing for a Pandemic

…stiffness between my shoulders. Several methods will work. Depending on where I am and what’s available, the problem can be fixed through a chiropractic adjustment, stretching, or lying with my back on a hard surface while “hugging” my knees tightly and rocking back and forth. Next, I rely religiously…

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Habits That Prevent Colds and Flu

…life circumstances. Some excellent choices include exercise, prayer, meditation, music therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, acupressure, and chiropractic. Back to Top More Dr. Williams Advice on Colds and Flu * Why you should not get a flu shot * Nutrients that boost your immune system and prevent…

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