Foods for Oral Health

…-based toxins. As for the digested milk proteins the researchers also studied, I wouldn’t be surprised if we learn that they are useful in the oral cavity as well as in the intestines. Fermented milk proteins, such as those found in real buttermilk, yogurt, and kefir, come to mind. I particularly like…

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Fiber and Digestive Cleansing

…often expand and become inflamed, resulting in diverticulitis. If the pockets rupture, the resulting infection and inflammation in the abdominal cavity can prove fatal. Not surprisingly, the treatment for diverticulosis (the condition before inflammation sets in) is to increase fiber and promote bowel…

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7 Best Anti-aging Herbs: Ginseng

…in patients taking ginseng extracts or whole ginseng powders. Ginseng was particularly effective at lowering the risk of cancers of the lip, oral cavity, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, colon and rectum, liver, pancreas, lung and ovaries. * Diabetes: Research discovered that patients who were given ginseng…

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