How To Make a Castor Oil Pack

How To Use Castor Oil As A Natural Treatment Castor oil has had a long history of medicinal healing and its usage goes back to antiquity. Today, Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, and believers in natural treatments continue to recommend castor oil packs because of their ability to promote healing…

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Could Castor Oil Cure Everything?

There was a time when moms gave their kids a spoonful of castor oil to ward off anything ailing them. The bad taste may have made the remedy an unpopular one, but the moms were definitely onto something. Castor oil boosts the immune system and can effectively treat a wide range of health problems: acne…

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A Natural Laxative for Bowel Regularity

…digestive problems—constipation—that your grandmother would recognize: castor oil. While I wouldn't exactly call castor oil a "digestive supplement," it is highly effective at producing a good digestive cleansing. Castor oil works in two ways. First, it stimulates the muscles in your gut, moving…

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