Candida Infection

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Symptoms of Bacterial Imbalance in the Digestive System

…Need for sexual hormone medication * Candida infection (candidiasis) * Chronic anemia * Dairy product allergies and intolerances * Vitamin B deficiencies * High cholesterol levels * Severe bruising problems * Chronic vaginal infections * Chronic bladder infections * Chronic diarrhea * Osteoporosis Besides…

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Lifestyle Habits that Damage Gut Bacteria

…microbial flora, and under ideal circumstances, it is just another component that can be beneficial when kept in balance. Granted, a yeast infection like that from Candida albicans is definitely an indication that the microflora are out of balance. The permanent answer is to restore the entire microbial population…

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The Role of Prebiotics in Maintaining Healthy Gut Flora

…Lecithin is a prebiotic. And, the use of xylitol as a sweetener isn’t just a safe, effective way to help control Candida yeast infections, prevent tooth decay, sinus, ear, and throat infections, and avoid blood sugar fluctuations that can lead to diabetes. Xylitol also happens to be a prebiotic. It is naturally…

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