Butter Oil

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Should You Eat Like a Caveman?

…many of my own eating habits. It’s not perfect; there are lots of good and beneficial foods that wouldn’t be considered paleo—for example, butter, yogurt and kefir, and sauerkraut. But it is a good starting point. Research and clinical work shows that a lot of the food intolerance problems, gastrointestinal…

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Q&A: How To Take Coconut Oil Daily

…coconut oil and mix it with one tablespoon of crunchy organic peanut butter. Mix it smooth. It is almost a confection. * You can also mix it into scrambled eggs or use it to sautee vegetables. * You can also mix it with spices for a rub to put on meat. Now It's Your Turn: How do you include coconut oil in…

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The Skinny on Healthy Cooking Oils

…amount of butter. Because butter is a saturated fat, it is less affected by heat, air, and light and therefore doesn’t break down and become toxic at high temperatures as quickly as other oils. * For deep-fry die-hards, opt for high-oleic safflower oil. Adding onions and garlic cloves to the oil as it…

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Go Crazy for Coconuts

…balance of the various fatty acids. Yes, coconuts and coconut oil are high in fat. But research has shown that saturated fats in tropical oils such as coconut do not cause heart problems and may actually be beneficial to your heart. Coconut oil reduces LDL cholesterol, raises HDL (the beneficial form of…

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A Full Day Meal Plan

…plain, nonfat yogurt ½ cup canola oil 1 Tbsp. xylitol Preheat waffle iron. In a big mixing bowl, combine the flour, salt and baking powder. Separate the eggs into two small bowls, one with the whites and the other with the yolks. Whisk the milk, yogurt, and oil into the yolks. Then stir the milk mixture…

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Replacements and Substitutions for Healthier Cooking

Butter Substitute—Nut Butters Everybody likes peanut butter, but most of the brands available in grocery stores are loaded with sugar and preservatives; try nut butters instead. Simply grind the nuts or seeds in the blender until they are powdery. Slowly, add a small portion of peanut or other oil

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