Burning Feet

Iron Deficiency and Natural Treatments for Anemia

…muscles, partial deafness, tired in the morning—feeling better at night, brittle nails, night sweating, pale skin, stinging headaches, burning in the soles of the feet, eye soreness, not getting enough air, asthma, heart palpitations, sore joints, ankle swelling, loss of bladder control (bed wetting)…

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How to Get Rid of Warts Without Burning or Freezing

…surest way to get rid of warts is to have their dermatologist freeze or burn them off. Those who have tried that route usually know better. Even most dermatologists will admit that warts removed by electricity, freezing or burning have a tendency to return, whereas those removed naturally seldom do. Here…

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Reduce Your Stress Level for Better Weight Loss Results

…and abdomen, helps you burn calories more efficiently so that you lose weight, and leaves you feeling calm, yet energized. Whenever you feel tense, take a 3–5 minute break for deep breathing. Here’s how: * Lie flat on your back with your knees pulled up. Keep your feet slightly apart. * Inhale…

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