Brewer's Yeast

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Eat Sardines, Improve Memory

…sardines, or can’t bring yourself to try them, you can eat other foods that are high in nucleotide content to improve memory, including brewer’s yeast, anchovies, mackerel, lentils, most types of beans, and oysters. The green algae chlorella is also high in nucleotides, as is the blue-green algae spirulina…

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It's Basic, A Primer on Why Excess Acid is Unhealthy

…teas * Garlic * Cayenne pepper * Gelatin * Most all herbs * Miso * Most vegetable and unprocessed sea salt * Most all spices * Vanilla extract * Brewer's Yeast * Most unprocessed, cold-pressed oils are neutral or alkaline-forming (even margarine seems to be neutral, but I don't recommend that anyone eat…

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