Bone Cancer

The Whey to Good Health

…triglycerides. * Osteoporosis: In addition to minerals necessary for bone growth, whey contains a protein called lactoferrin, which is associated with a wide range of benefits including immune support, anti-inflammatory action, cancer prevention, infection fighting, and wound healing. Research has now…

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It's Basic, A Primer on Why Excess Acid is Unhealthy

…believe that acidosis is a major contributing factor to several other health problems in addition to bone and muscle loss. Acidic tissue levels appear to be common during the initial formation of cancer, and may contribute to insulin sensitivity problems that lead to diabetes. Based on the research already…

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Cut Sugar, Boost Testosterone

…to rise as the U.S. population continues aging. Symptoms of low testosterone can include: * Low sex drive * Erectile dysfunction * Osteoporosis and bone fracture * Depression * Lethargy * Insomnia * Heart disease * Diabetes * Weight gain * Muscle loss * Decreased physical performance When you look this…

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