Blood Pressure Readings

Normal or Not? Reading Your Blood Pressure

…rhythms cause your pressure to rise naturally in the afternoon and evening. * Remove all clothing from the waist up because rolling up a sleeve can act as a tourniquet and lead to a false reading. * Have your blood pressure taken while laying down, standing and sitting. Readings may elevate as your…

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The Health Benefits of Whey

…through the consumption of whey protein. Research has shown that several components in whey protein work together to improve immunity. A group of blood proteins called immunoglobulins are incorporated into milk and whey. They help pass on immunity to infants and adults as well. Colostrum, the first…

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Top Ingredients for Weight Loss That Work

…effective. Make sure you read your labels and look for pure GreenSelect┬« Phytosome Green Tea Extract in your supplements. GreenCoffee Extract GreenCoffee Extract has been found to promote weight loss, utilize glucose, reduce body fat percentages, and promote normal blood pressure. GreenCoffee Extract is…

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