Bile Salts Gallbladder

You've (Hopefully) Got Some Gall

…supplement and make sure it contains bile as one of its ingredients. Bile supplementation is particularly crucial if you take cholesterol–lowering drugs, no longer have your gallbladder, and/or have problems digesting fatty foods. There are several bile salt products on the market, including Cholacol…

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What Are Gallstones?

…to prevent and treat them Your gallbladder's primary function is to receive bile that's generated by the liver, concentrate and mix it with mineral salts and enzymes, and then release the bile into the small intestine. For most people diagnosed with a "bad gallbladder," the problem is usually gallstones…

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Recovering from an Addiction to Alcohol

…reduce the craving for alcohol. I would always suggest using a good digestive enzyme that contains bile salts to aid in fat digestion. This is particularly true if the individual no longer has their gallbladder. Obviously, they then need to begin adding more beneficial fats and oils to their diet from sources…

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