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What Is a Superfood?

…acids, which are known to help with everything from mood problems to cardiovascular health. Vegetables with bright, dark, or intense colors—such as beets, sweet potatoes, peppers—are high in polyphenols and antioxidants and have been linked to cancer prevention. Now it's your turn: What's your favorite…

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Six Steps to Preventing Kidney Stones

…diabetics. 4. Watch out for High-oxalate Foods To prevent stone formation, it’s best to avoid foods high in oxalate. These include chard, rhubarb, beets, parsley, cocoa, and tea. Additionally, certain vegetables that are high in calcium like spinach and collard greens, should only be eaten raw as the…

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Natural Treatments for Anemia

…foods high in iron a priority can help with borderline anemic problems. Foods rich in iron include: * Green leafy vegetables * Red cabbage * Parsley * Beets * Alfalfa * Watercress * Wheat grass * Tomato juice * Fish * Coconuts * Eggs * Black cherry * Blackberry Supplementing wth taurine can also help with…

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Six Easy Ways to Detoxify Your Life

…juicer, make fresh juice a part of your daily routine. Beet juice is particularly good in this respect. Adding beet juice to carrot juice not only sweetens the taste, but also significantly increases your blood's antioxidant capacity. Plus, beet juice stimulates the production and excretion of bile from…

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Weekly Update for November 25, 2013

…Tumblr minisite! This week’s issue covers: * Maximize Niacinamide Performance * Q&A: What’s the Connection Between Migraines and Breast Cancer? * Beet High Blood Pressure Also, coming up on my blog this week: * The Health Benefits of Whey – Wednesday, November 27 * Is Fast Food Causing ADHD? –…

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