Beet Juice

Six Easy Ways to Detoxify Your Life

…Adding beet juice to carrot juice not only sweetens the taste, but also significantly increases your blood's antioxidant capacity. Plus, beet juice stimulates the production and excretion of bile from the liver and gall bladder, further reducing toxin removal from the liver. Vegetable juice's ability…

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Muscle Cramps May Signal a Trace Mineral Deficiency

…many foods I consume on a regular basis: * Green tea * Asparagus * Brussels sprouts * Celery * Onions * Eggplant * Tomatoes * Lettuce * Parsley * Beets * Cabbage * Garlic * Horseradish * Radishes * Blueberries * Peaches * Lemons * Watermelon * Cucumbers * Pineapples * Pears Caffeine is also a relatively…

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