Banana Bread

Sides and Sauces

* Banana Nut Bread * Bone Broth * Bulgar Pilaf * Cilantro Pesto * Cilantro Salsa Verde * Dilly Dip * DIY Ketchup * Flax Muffins * Fresh Coconut * Fresh Fruit Bowl * Gluten Free Banana Nut Bread * Guacamole * Herb Dip * Homemade Curry Powder * Poppy Seed Dip * Raspberry, Corn, and Wheat Muffins * Sauerkraut…

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My Gluten-Free Guide to Treat Celiac Disease

…chance unless it's labeled "gluten-free." In that vein, gluten is present in far more foods than just breads, cakes, crackers, and cookies. There’s gluten in most processed foods, including breaded items, panko crumbs, croutons, many energy bars, most cereals, imitation meats, marinades, cold cuts,…

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The Glycemic Index Explained

…elicit as much of an insulin response and don’t lead to the deposition of fat the way those with a high index (70 or higher) do—foods such as white bread, potatoes, and pasta. This notion was shown to be the case again in a study of 572 adults. Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Medical School…

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