REDUCE ACNE WITH GREEN TEA: My contacts in the Philippines once informed me of a study performed at the Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center in Manila in which a 3-percent solution of topical green tea was compared to 4-percent benzoyl peroxide in the treatment of mild to severe acne.Patients applied either the green tea solution or the benzoyl peroxide twice daily for 12 weeks. Those with moderate to severe acne began to show improvement after two to four weeks of regular use of green tea. The tea proved to be just as effective as the benzoyl peroxide in these cases. (The benzoyl peroxide was more effective, however, in the very mild and the very severe cases.)Just brew a cup of tea and, once it has cooled, the liquid can be dabbed on with cotton balls or applied with a clean wash cloth. The oral consumption of green tea can also help treat acne problems. Certain compounds in green tea are known to modulate both the production and action of male hormones (in both males and females). These are the hormones that can trigger acne, as well as baldness, prostate enlargement, and cancer in the reproductive organs. (Hong Kong Med J 01;7(4):369–374)

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