Bacterial Infection

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Fight Urinary Tract Infections With D-Mannose

…taken every two to three hours usually resolves problems such as vaginal and bladder infections caused by E. coli in a few days, without the complications of antibiotics that can kill the body’s beneficial bacterial flora. D-mannose is available as a powder and has also recently come out in capsule…

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The Truth About the Lyme Disease Epidemic

…recall having ever seen a bite. Take Action Act immediately if you suspect infection. You may have a stronger ability to beat the disease and detoxify the spirochete’s toxins from your system if you have maintained good bacterial flora in your lower bowel through the use of probiotics and fermented foods…

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Fecal Transplants for Severe GI Issues

…some individuals, particularly those with Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, or a C. difficile infection, more drastic measures may be needed to restore digestive health. Antibiotics, anti-infectives, steroids, and immune suppressants are the most common forms of treatment in these cases, but they…

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Fiber and Digestive Cleansing

…material becomes trapped in these pockets, which often expand and become inflamed, resulting in diverticulitis. If the pockets rupture, the resulting infection and inflammation in the abdominal cavity can prove fatal. Not surprisingly, the treatment for diverticulosis (the condition before inflammation sets…

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Massage Away Diabetic Lesions

…a circular manner once a day. To block the pain of the massage, use a mixture of 2% lidocaine and an anti-bacterial ointment. This gentle method of massage increases circulation to the infected area. After a few days, massage the area more firmly and gradually expand the massage to include the outer…

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The Whey to Good Health

…protein called lactoferrin, which is associated with a wide range of benefits including immune support, anti-inflammatory action, cancer prevention, infection fighting, and wound healing. Research has now determined that lactoferrin is able to increase the production of new bone, which could have enormous…

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