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Natural Treatments for Gout Symptoms

…supplement form, a try. Take 1,000 mg daily. Back to Top B Vitamins B Vitamins help prevent stress-induced rises in uric acid levels. B1 (thiamine) and B5 (pantothenic acid) are especially helpful in making uric acid more easy to excrete. Yeast-free B vitamins are recommended. Back to Top Olive Leaf Extract…

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Give Your Libido a Lift

…minerals; essential amino acids; acetylcholine; and vitamins A, C, D, E, and most B vitamins (in fact, it’s the richest source of pantothenic acid or B5). Royal jelly also contains a small amount of testosterone, which may help explain its benefits for libido. The amount of testosterone in royal jelly…

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Superfoods for Super Health

…and menstrual problems have all improved with royal jelly. This is likely due in part to its high content of B vitamins, especially pantothenic acid (B5), which is effective at reducing stress levels. * Royal jelly boosts the immune system by increasing gamma globulin levels. For a maintenance dosage…

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