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Natural Supplements for Mental & Emotional Health

…can help treat a widerange of stress-related illnesses and complaints. B-Complex Vitamins B-complex vitamins are often recommended for mood disorders because of their power to create a calm energy in people who take them. B-complex vitamins also support healthy adrenal function, so they effectively combat…

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Recovering from An Alcohol Addiction: Part I - Nutrition

…find deficiencies in most of the water-soluble vitamins (C and the Bs) and minerals, due in part to the diuretic effects of alcohol. A high-dose B-complex vitamin is an essential base nutrient for anyone in recovery. I would recommend additional niacin in the range of 2 to 3 grams daily. Buffered vitamin…

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How to Lower Your Cortisol

Cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, is released in the body when you experience emotional, mental, or physical stress. This hormone aids in the body’s flight or fight response, giving you the energy to deal with the stress. In the short term, this burst of extra energy can be helpful.…

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Which Vitamin When?

If you are taking vitamins to supplement your daily diet, you know their importance to your nutritional and health needs. Today, I’d like to discuss ways that you can be sure to get the most out of your vitamins. Most people take all their pills and vitamins first thing in the morning without a…

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