Should You Eat Like a Caveman?

…(including peanuts and soy) from the diet. Substituting a paleo diet consisting of meat, fowl, fish, seafood, eggs, nuts, berries, avocados, olives, certain oils (olive, avocado, palm, coconut), and fresh fruits and vegetables often resolves the above problems. At the same time grain products were increasing…

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Two Ways to Start Lowering Triglycerides

…These kinds of fats oxidize with cholesterol and collect along artery walls. Natural fats high in omega-3 fatty acids found in fish, grass-fed beef, avocados, seeds and nuts, are friendlier fats for optimal heart health. Learn more about which cooking oils are best for which uses. Watching your triglycerides…

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How to Make Healthy Food Choices

…Potato chips? Choose Almonds Sour Cream? Choose Greek Yogurt Milk Chocolate? Choose Dark Chocolate Fruit Juice? Choose Lemon Water Mayo? Choose Mashed Avocado Flour? Choose Ground Oat Flour Coffee Latte? Choose Green Tea Scrambled Eggs? Choose Scrambled Egg Whites Ground Beef? Choose Ground Turkey Fried chicken?…

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