Asthma Medications

Circadian Rhythms Affect Digestion, Heart, and Lungs

…when they have their asthma patients take steroid medications in the early afternoon and their theophylline in the evenings. (I’m not recommending that anyone change their medication routines without the guidance of their doctor. There are numerous forms of these medications, and they all work differently…

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Iron Deficiency and Natural Treatments for Anemia

…tests and diagnostic procedures. In fact, it's likely that hundreds of thousands of people trudge through life as anemics or borderline anemics. A medical dictionary would say that anemia is either a reduction in the number of red blood cells (RBCs) or a reduction of the amount of iron carried by RBCs…

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Health Q&As

…exercises, what can I do for emphysema? * Can I whiten stained teeth naturally? * How can I get rid of recurring nasal polyps? * How can I limit asthma attacks? * How can I prevent constipation after taking a multivitamin? * How can I prevent recurrent urinary tract infections? * How can I reduce nasal…

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