Asthma Medications

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Dangers of an Underactive Thyroid

…therapists all over the country, no longer just in “allergy-prone” regions. Middle-ear infections top the list of reasons for children’s medical visits, and asthma has become so common among adults that it is no longer considered a childhood disease. I have little doubt that a nationwide drop in thyroid…

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Circadian Rhythms Affect Digestion, Heart, and Lungs

…when they have their asthma patients take steroid medications in the early afternoon and their theophylline in the evenings. (I’m not recommending that anyone change their medication routines without the guidance of their doctor. There are numerous forms of these medications, and they all work differently…

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The Migraine-Magnesium Connection

…you might have. For example, the caffeine found in everything from coffee to colas to asthma medications removes magnesium from your system. Diuretics (“water pills”) and many heart and blood pressure medications further decrease magnesium levels. Soft drinks contain phosphates that bind with magnesium…

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Health Q&As

…exercises, what can I do for emphysema? * Can I whiten stained teeth naturally? * How can I get rid of recurring nasal polyps? * How can I limit asthma attacks? * How can I prevent constipation after taking a multivitamin? * How can I prevent recurrent urinary tract infections? * How can I reduce nasal…

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