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7 Best Anti-aging Herbs: Turmeric

…turmeric for years. It is one of the only herbs I know of that can singlehandedly address some of today's greatest health threats, including arthritis, asthma, cardiovascular disease, hepatitis, gallbladder problems and lung cancer from smoking and other pollutants. I recommend about a heaping tablespoon…

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How To Use Turmeric To Stop Asthma

…breathing patterns, thins the blood and relieves asthmatic inflammation that causes swelling in the lungs and trouble breathing. The allergic response in asthma is triggered when T-lymphocytes from your immune system release specific compounds that cause inflammation. Researchers have found that turmeric can…

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Onions May Hold the Key To Freer Breathing

While searching for a cure for asthma, I learned that onion extracts in particular can be very effective in the prevention of asthma attacks. An alcoholic extract made from 200 grams of onions were found to reduce bronchial spasms and airway obstruction were dramatically and in several cases totally…

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Subtle Causes of Seasonal Allergies

…than you think--especially if you are an allergy or asthma sufferer. Pollen can collect in your clothes and wreak havoc on your sinuses. As wonderful as air-dried sheets and clothes smell, definitely consider using your dryer if your allergies or asthma are acting up. While I'm on the topic, other things…

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Two Simple Suggestions for Childhood Asthma

Childhood asthma is, unfortunately, on the rise. If you or someone you know has a child with this condition, here are some suggestions to help you deal with it naturally: First, try the xylitol nasal wash called Xlear. Rinse nasal passages with the product 3 or 4 times a day and continue to do so every…

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