Living After a Heart Attack

…-carnitine daily. Magnesium Besides L-carnitine, magnesium can increase the survival rates of heart attack patients. Magnesium calms the heart, reduces arrhythmia and spasm of blood vessels, and lowers blood pressure. Research links higher magnesium intake with increased protection against coronary artery disease…

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Risks of Using Diuretics to Control High Blood Pressure

…water (rich in calcium and magnesium) often have few heart attack victims. Increasing magnesium can correct problems with irregular heart beat (arrhythmia) and often eliminate the symptoms associated with mitral valve prolapse. * Increase in uric acid. This is especially true in the elderly. (This is…

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Supporting Your Adrenal Glands in Times of Stress

…or diuretic. This will only make the problem worse by further dehydrating the patient! If the extra sodium loss leads to heart palpitations and arrhythmias, a well-meaning doctor could be inadvertently responsible for triggering a patient’s heart attack.

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