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The Health Benefits of Whey

…revealed that lowering the oxidative burden in your body may be one of the primary keys to remaining healthy and slowing the aging process. Obesity, Appetite Suppression, and Weight Control Benefits of Whey Whey protein is unique in that it can help the overweight lose excess fat and help the underweight…

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Four Ways to Curb Food Cravings

…communication, resulting in both mood changes and food cravings. The pharmaceutical companies are well aware of this situation, and are developing appetite suppression medications that mimic the effects of naturally occurring amino acids like L-tryptophan, tyrosine, and others. With a simple homemade…

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Easing Into Exercise Discussion

So it's been a week since starting the new Easing Into Exercise program in Change Your Life. Let's talk about how your feeling! A week of new activity shouldn't be showing up as movement on the scale yet but even now you should be feeling some positive effects on your body. * How is your sleep? You…

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To Lose Weight, Make Your Digestive Process More Efficient

…against colon cancer. Other fatty acids produced by gut bacteria help protect against inflammatory bowel disease and influence pancreatic enzymes, appetite, immune function, and carbohydrate metabolism. (Physiological & Clinical Aspects of Short-Chain Fatty Acids;2004) Learn more about how to grow beneficial…

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Why Health Nuts Eat Nuts

…that eating nuts leads to weight gain. It appears that your body adapts to eating these energy-rich powerhouses by decreasing the desire and/or appetite for other foods. In all the studies I've talked about, the researchers found there was no increase in body weight. I would suggest, however, that…

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