Avoid Aluminum for Better Brain Health

…bloodstream. The number-one threat to your brain's health is aluminum. Its effects are cumulative, and can take many years to show up as full-blown disease. Here are five ways to reduce your exposure to aluminum: * Instead of using aluminum for your cookware, utensils, or food containers, use stainless…

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Cleanse with Cabbage Juice

…seconds to a minute, and pour the mixture into a large crockery vessel. (Any glass or ceramic container will do. I wouldn’t suggest using plastic, aluminum, or stainless steel.) I repeat the process a few more times until I’ve used an entire head of cabbage. Next, to ferment the juice, I cover the cabbage…

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Padma for Brain Health

…commented that he knew of no substance other than Padma that can make the cerebral circulation so elastic. You May Also Be Interested In: * Avoid aluminum for better brain health * More Dr. Williams advice on mood and memory

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