Adrenal Glandulars

Three Steps to Healthier Glands

…stress levels), glandular supplements are the best way to address underperforming glands. Here I outline my three-step plan to support adrenal, thyroid and pituitary glands that could go a long way toward eliminating your depression. 1. Adrenal Support As I mentioned, the adrenal glands are generally…

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Perk Up Your Energy Level

…energy. A good combination product is Ultra ATP+ Double strength, available at Prohealth. For direct adrenal support, take the glandular supplement called Drenamin, from Standard Process. Glandulars are extracts of actual animal glands (in the case of Drenamin, from cows) that provide the raw materials…

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Recovering from an Addiction to Alcohol

…the adrenal, thyroid, and sometimes the pituitary glands; cutting carbohydrates, nicotine, and, of course, alcohol from the diet; and eating smaller high-protein and healthy fat–laden snacks and meals throughout the day. This is one area where I have found the beneficial effects of glandular supplements…

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