3% Hydrogen Peroxide

Protecting Your Family From Infection

…10 drops Day 9 12 drops Day 10 14 drops Day 11 16 drops Day 12 18 drops Day 13 20 drops Day 14 22 drops Day 15 24 drops Day 16–21 25 drops Hydrogen peroxide, or H2O2, is useful against so many conditions, it appears to be the closest thing to a “miracle substance” you’ll ever come across. It’s…

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Health Q&As

…effects from the flu shot? * How can I stop a fungal infection in my fingernails? * Why doesn’t Echinacea work for me? Men’s Health * Can hydrogen peroxide cure impotence? * What can I do for an elevated (but benign) PSA? Mood and Memory * How can I improve my short-term memory? * How can I relieve…

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