How Avemar Helps Fight Cancer

…weight loss, and depression were reduced. Additionally, their immune systems recovered more rapidly. (Pharmindex Handbook of Oncology 2004/2005. CMP Budapest, 2004. p. 611–617) (Cancer Biother Radiopharm 04;19:343–349) (Cancer Biother Radiopharm 99;12:277–289) (Cancer Biother Radiopharm 04;19…

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What Is a Normal, Healthy Cholesterol Level?

…consider, and experts keep changing what they consider the ideal levels to be. A prime example was when our National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute in 2004 suggested that anyone with LDL cholesterol of more than 100 mg/dL needed to be treated, replacing the previous recommendation of 130 mg/dL. The American…

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