Supplement Risk Put In Perspective

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Supplement Risk Put In Perspective

Need further proof that supplements really are safe, especially when compared to pharmaceutical drugs? Well, the Alliance for Natural Health International, a UK-based organization, recently commissioned a risk assessment study that showed exactly how risky it is to take drugs and supplements.  

This study found that the overall risk of experiencing death from an adverse pharmaceutical drug reaction was greater than that from scuba diving, a motorcycle accident, or traffic accident.

For example, twice as many people die from adverse reactions to prescription drugs as motorcyclists who die from traffic accidents. And, the risk of dying from taking a pharmaceutical drug is 62,000 times higher than the risk of dying from taking a vitamin or food supplement.

Thanks to the mainstream media, we often hear of the “dangers” of taking supplements, but this assessment found that, in reality, you have a far greater chance of drowning in a bathtub or being struck by lightning than you do being harmed from food supplements. 

The lesson here: Keep taking your multi and other health-promoting supplements with confidence, knowing the risks associated with doing so are extremely small.

Now it's your turn: Do you feel confident taking your nutritional supplements?

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