Nature's gift for normal cholesterol and digestive regularity

Premium Gold Flax (Ten Bag Kit)

Item# ZNFA0
1 Bottle

“I believe the health benefits of flax are so important that I’ve made it part of my three-step core health program. It’s just about the most perfect food from nature for all-around immune support, cholesterol support, healthy digestion, and healthy glowing skin.”

— Dr. David Williams

Flax helps:

  • Maintain healthy cholesterol levels
    Flax is chock full of heart-healthy omega-3 and omega-6 (essential fatty acids). Just a 1/4 cup of flax contains 9,000 mg of omega-3’s — that’s twice the amount of omega-3’s found in fish oils!
  • Promote optimum digestion
    The high soluble and insoluble fiber content in flax acts as a “broom,” cleaning out your intestines and promoting regularity.
  • Support proper immune function
    Flax is a rich source of health-enhancing lignans. Though little known, lignans provide powerful support to your immune system and cellular health. In addition, the lignans found in flax are low-glycemic carbohydrates. Therefore they slow the absorption of sugar in the intestinal tract, helping to promote normal blood sugar levels as well.
  • Promote weight loss
    Because of its high fiber content, you’ll feel fuller longer, so you may eat less, and even lose weight. 

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Ingredients and Dosage:

3 to 6 tablespoons daily for women; 6 to 9 tablespoons for men. Each tablespoon of flaxseed produces the equivalent of one teaspoon of flax oil.