Promotes healthy circulation and blood flow

Nattokinase (60 capsules, 1-month supply) | Nattokinase & Circulation Supplements

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Clinical grade Japanese circulatory supporter

  • Supports normal circulation, blood flow, and blood viscosity
  • Supports natural plasmin product which reduces fibrin
  • Helps maintain your body's normal blood-clotting mechanism

Traditionally, the Japanese have enjoyed better health—including heart health—than their Western counterparts. These benefits may in part be attributed to their high fish and seafood consumption. But the Japanese also typically consume the most soybean products.

Nattokinase is a specialized enzyme that was discovered in 1980 by Dr. Hiroyuki Sumi, derived from the traditional Japanese food natto. Natto, made from fermented soybeans, has been eaten by the Japanese for over 1,000 years and is still important in their culture today.

What is Nattokinasse?

In his research, Dr. Sumi compiled 173 different foods to test their blood-clotting capacity and found that adding the beneficial bacteria Bacillus natto to boiled soybeans produced a unique enzyme that he named nattokinase meaning “enzyme in natto.” Research by Dr. Sumi revealed that nattokinase not only supports your body’s normal blood-clotting mechanism, but also naturally supports healthy blood viscosity for overall cardiovascular health.

Over the years, additional research has been conducted, including 17 published studies in Japan and here in the US, which continues to show that nattokinase supports your body’s normal blood-clotting mechanism and helps to maintain healthy blood flow.

Nattokinase naturally resembles plasmin in your blood

What makes nattokinase so unique is that it resembles plasmin, the enzyme that supports your body’s blood-clotting mechanism and impacts the amount of fibrin, the enzyme that causes blood clotting. Your body produces plasmin all throughout your circulatory system, but unfortunately, as you age, your plasmin production slows down. This is where nattokinase comes to the rescue. Nattokinase works to support healthy circulation in 2 different ways. First, nattokinase resembles plasmin, so it can break down fibrin directly. Secondly, nattokinase enhances your body’s natural production of plasmin, which also helps to break down fibrin.

The best and easiest way to take nattokinase is in supplement form. But there are 2 major problems with some supplements I’ve found. Nattokinase comes from natto extract, which naturally contains vitamin K and can result in too much in your system. Also, most fall short of the research dose of 2,000 FU (fibrin units) of nattokinase a day.

How to read units of measurement for Nattokinasse?

NSK-SD40® Nattokinase ensures you’re getting the best quality

As you know, I won’t stand behind anything but the best. My Clinical Grade Nattokinase was developed with a special patented process that removes the vitamin K from the natto extract. NSK-SD40® Nattokinase is made from non-GMO soybeans fermented with a proprietary form of bacteria called Bacillus natto. NSK-SD40 is the most potent form of nattokinase on the market. That means you need less of it to provide the same activity as 2,000 FU (fibrin units). That’s the same amount that was used in Dr. Sumi’s research and the amount you need to experience all the cardiovascular and circulatory benefits.

What is Nattokinasse? How to read units of measurement for Nattokinasse? Comparison

Ingredients and Dosage

Doctor's Suggested Use: Take 2 capsules daily, 1 capsule with breakfast and 1 before going to bed.

Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 60

Ingredient Amount Per Serving % DV
Nattokinase (from soybean) 25 mg *
* Daily Value (DV) not established

Other ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose, gelatin, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate


WARNING: If you take warfarin or other blood thinning products, or are pregnant or lactating, consult a health care professional before taking this product.
Keep out of reach of children.

NSK-SD40® is a registered trademark of JBSL.

Each capsule provides 1,000 FU (fibrin units) nattokinase activity.

Standardization Levels: Nattokinase 40,000 FU per gram

Batch Information

Science and Quality

  • In a study of 15 healthy men and women, taking 100 mg (2,000 FU) of NSK-SD® significantly increased blood flow within 3 hours after ingestion.1
  • In a randomized, placebo-controlled trial, 86 participants received either 2,000 FU of nattokinase or placebo daily for 8 weeks. The nattokinase group showed better support for normal blood pressure than the placebo group after 8 weeks. Plasma renin also decreased significantly among those taking nattokinase for 8 weeks.2

1 Iuchi S, et al. Food Style 21. 2006;10(8)78–90.
2 Kim, et al. Hypertens Res. 2008;31(8):1583–88.

Product Quality

  • Manufactured to exacting standards using highest quality raw materials
  • Produced in accordance with our strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that meet or exceed those set by the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Every batch tested to verify purity and potency specifications are met
  • Details of specific product testing is listed in the Certificate of Quality
  • Quality assured with our Triple-Testing Philosophy™
  • Backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee