The least-known, yet most effective cures and therapies on earth

World Atlas of Alternatives (eBook only)

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The World Atlas of Alternatives

Over 250 natural cures and remedies in 1 book

For over 25 years, I have traveled more than 3 million miles in search of lost natural cures—buried or banned because they're better than costly mainstream therapies.  In a convenient eBook format, this natural cures book is filled with my greatest alternatives, gleaned from my global network of over 1,796 eminent doctors, researchers, and health authories, including…

  • Amazing Malaysian "penis plant" extract, now proven to enhance erections and boost testerone levels by 400%
  • Why India has 1/10th the cancer rate of America, and the supplement that could transfer this "unfair advantage" to you
  • Why Cuban arthritis rates plunged when the Soviet Union fell, and how to obtain this powerful cure for free
  • Australian breakthrough for prostate cancer, proven to work, can't be advertised!  How to obtain it now...
  • Astonishing African asthma cure handed down by an ancient tribal healer, that banishes asthma, bronchitis, and even hay fever
  • Japanese vitamin found shown to reverse diabetic nerve destruction
  • Plus, so much more!