Is Snoring a Problem, Health-Wise?

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Is Snoring a Problem, Health-Wise?

My husband has a problem with snoring—or I guess I have a problem with his snoring. Is snoring a problem, health-wise?

Many people make light of snoring, but there is more and more evidence that it can be a serious problem. Researchers have found that snoring is many times associated with intelligence skills. Men who snore tend to have poorer recall, verbal skills, and general cognitive abilities.

The problem seems to stem from lower amounts of oxygen getting to the brain when snorers stop breathing for short periods of time during their sleep. It’s called sleep apnea, and it’s difficult to detect since it occurs unnoticed at night. It’s possible that sleep apnea can even cause brain damage.

The first thing to do is to discuss the possible problem with your husband and by all means he needs to lose any excess weight. Being overweight can contribute greatly to a snoring problem. If it continues to be a problem, check with your doctor about obtaining a sleep monitor to see if he does have sleep apnea. There is also the possibility of some type of throat obstruction which usually must be taken care of through minor surgery.

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