The Shocking Home Improvement Solution for Arthritis Pain

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The Shocking Home Improvement Solution for Arthritis Pain

What would you say if I told you that to get relief from arthritis pain, you’re better off going to Home Depot than to your doctor?

It’s an unusual thought, I know. But a little PVC pipe—available at your local hardware store or lumber yard—can go a long way toward soothing the joint pain and swelling that arthritis sufferers know all too well.

In short, this natural therapy for arthritis pain uses static electricity to neutralize overly acidic tissue in the body and reduce or eliminate symptoms.

The cells in our bodies have both a positive and negative charge, and imbalances in these charges can lead to health problems. For example, tissues that have a predominantly positive charge are overly acidic, and symptoms of over-acidity include heat, pain, and inflammation—all common arthritis symptoms. 

(On a side note, tissue acidity is why it’s also possible to treat arthritis pain by adjusting your diet.)

But back to the PVC pipe. The plastic is used to generate a negative charge that can be applied to area where you’re feeling pain or discomfort. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Rub one to two feet of a one-and-a-half inch pipe along a piece of fuzzy material like a polyester faux fur. This creates an electrical charge in the same way scooting along the carpet does.
  2. Keeping the pipe about a half-inch to an inch above the skin, move it slowly back and forth along the painful area.
  3. After three or four passes, recharge the pipe by rubbing it against the fuzzy material again. (If you happen to touch your skin at any point, you’ll need to recharge the pipe then, as well.)
  4. Repeat the process until you feel relief.

While it’s not the most common solution to arthritis pain, this home improvement trick certainly works like magic.

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