Pav Ointment

How to Build an Emergency Preparedness Kit

PAV Pitch—This fragrant resin from trees is effective in treating practically any type of skin infection, whether bacterial, viral, or fungal in origin. I’ve used it successfully in cases of ringworm, scabies, nail fungus, and infectious wounds. I particularly like a petroleum jelly-type ointment

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Massage Away Diabetic Lesions

…center of the ulceration in a circular manner once a day. To block the pain of the massage, use a mixture of 2% lidocaine and an anti-bacterial ointment. This gentle method of massage increases circulation to the infected area. After a few days, massage the area more firmly and gradually expand the…

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How to Stop a Muscle Cramp in its Tracks

…muscle relaxation), there are a few natural remedies to treat these painful strains. Try the following therapies for relief: Traumeel This topical ointment contains an herb called anica and stops pain and swelling almost immediately. Traumeel can be applied as often as needed. In rare cases it can irritate…

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