Colon Cleanse

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Detoxify Naturally With Cilantro and Clay

…times a year, rather than all at once. In addition to its action to remove toxins them from the body, Pascalite has a tendency to cleanse excess mucus and debris from the colon. Don’t be alarmed if this happens; it's a good thing. But if it's too much for you, simply reduce the dosage. Finally, don't…

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Detoxify the Body for Bone Health

…top condition so they can efficiently remove metabolic waste as well. Begin with a thorough liver detoxification program, follow it with a colon detox and cleansing, and you're on your way to stronger bones. You May Also Be Interested In: * How to treat arthritis pain through your diet * Why proper pH…

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Cleanse with Cabbage Juice

…formation of colon cancer. * One of the more fascinating uses of cab-bage and/or cabbage juice may be in protecting the body against radiation. In the 1950’s, our military found that simply eating cabbage provided a protective effect against lethal dosages of radiation. As a general cleansing tonic, I…

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Fiber and Digestive Cleansing

…resulting in less food intake. 4In the 1980s, there was a huge push promoting the benefits of fiber in the diet, particularly its ability to prevent colon cancer. Since that time, there have been conflicting studies, and, for some reason, fiber has fallen out of favor. I predict (something I do very rarely…

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Treat Hemorrhoids With a Digestive Cleansing

…digestive system. One of the easiest ways to do that is with a complete colon cleanse. Benefits include improved digestion and a reduction in gas and bloating along with the relief from constipation. Once you have your colon cleaned out, you'll want to start on a probiotic digestive supplement to rebalance…

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Food Causing Your IBS? Use Food to Fight It

…eating more water-soluble fibers found in flaxseed, fruits, vegetables and legumes like beans and peas. These fibrous foods help stimulate the cleansing of the colon. * Avoid troublesome foods. Sugar and foods high in sugar like fruit juices can be IBS triggers, as well as highly acidic foods like tomatoes…

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