Save That Golden Milk

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Save That Golden Milk

I want to share a tip I received from a mother about saving her breast milk for a rainy day. The first milk produced by a pregnant woman is called colostrum, yellowish in hue, it is thick and sticky and what I would call super golden milk. It is rich in antibodies and immunoglobulin that boost newborn immunity. Within a week, colostrum production is replaced by breast milk. If you have a breast pump or are comfortable pumping your breast manually with your hands, save a bottle of your colostrum, which will be plentiful in those early days post-delivery. I have heard from mothers who have saved their colostrum (which is good for a year when frozen) and have given it to a sick baby, and their baby will make a quick and strong recovery.

I have heard of those first few days of feeding, when the baby is drinking colostrum, is like their first vaccination because of the potency of the antibodies and immunoglobulin!  If we could ever possibly artificially recreate the properties of colostrum it would probably cost hundreds of dollars for a couple ounces.

Now it's your turn: What have you given your baby when they have a cold that's made them better?

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