How Can I Relieve Gas?

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How Can I Relieve Gas?

I am 85 years old and have never found anything to solve my excessive gas problem. I've talked to my regular doctor, and he tells me that I will have to put up with it or get a new colon. But if you have a possible solution to get rid of gas, I would like to hear it.


As we get older, our bodies produce fewer digestive enzymes and acids. As a result, our digestive system gradually becomes more alkaline. One of the first signs of an alkaline intestinal tract is excessive gas (gas-forming microorganisms can only flourish in an alkaline environment).

The solution to get rid of gas is to re-acidify your intestinal tract. Digestive enzymes should improve your digestive health so that you won't need a new colon. There are dozens of digestive enzymes on the market, and you should be able to find one at your local health food store. A good digestive enzyme supplement should contain enzymes to help you digest the three main types of nutrients: proteases (for proteins), lipases (for fats), and amylases (for carbohydrates). Just follow the directions on the bottle.

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