Q&A: What Can I Do to Relieve Dry Eyes Naturally?

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Last Reviewed 02/06/2014

Q&A: What Can I Do to Relieve Dry Eyes Naturally?

I have a problem with dry eyes. I've been told I don't produce enough tears. My eyes are frequently irritated and I'm unable to wear contact lenses. Can you offer any suggestions?


I know about this problem from personal experience. I had the same problem with my eyes.

Barring some systemic disease process, nutritional supplements can often help relieve dry eyes naturally. Here are some suggestions to treat the problem. Try them one at a time:

  • 500 mg of vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) daily. This may do the trick by itself. (Don't forget to take a full B-complex vitamin as well.)
  • 2–4 grams of vitamin C daily.
  • 45 mg of beta-carotene daily.

It was these last two items that relieved my own dry eyes by increasing my tear production.

Zinc and magnesium deficiencies have also reportedly been linked to dry eyes, but I haven't found this to be common.

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