How Can I Reduce Nasal Mucus?

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How Can I Reduce Nasal Mucus?

I have a continuing problem with mucus. I’ve been checked for all types of allergies and everything shows up normal. I’ve tried nasal sprays, antihistamines, and probably every antibiotic over the years and nothing has helped. My sinuses run all day—so much so that my throat is sore sometimes and every morning I’m coughing up mucus that has drained into my chest. Can you give me any suggestions?

First, it would be advisable to eliminate all milk products. Pasteurized milk is sometimes hard to digest and it can produce mucus. If you have a source of “certified milk” (raw milk), try it—it shouldn’t cause the same problems.

You also need to drain the sinuses and there’s only one way to do it: lie on your back with your head hanging down backward off the edge of the bed. After they’ve drained, you need to get some type of antiseptic into the sinus cavities. Salt water can be used when placed in a nasal spray bottle. The best antiseptic I have found is a substance called D.A.G., which can be purchased at most health food stores. D.A.G. is made from sea water, iodine, and seaweed. Certain herbal teas help break up nasal and chest mucus, especially Fenugreek tea. Chest mucus can also be broken up by sipping fresh warmed lemon juice (about ¼ cup) with a little honey.

There is also an herbal combination that works well for a lot of people. It’s called Sthenos, made by Chemedic Company, Inc., and it can also be purchased at your health food store.

I also recommend nasal irrigation.

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