Recovering From an Addiction to Alcohol: Part II - Digestion

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Last Reviewed 04/11/2014

Recovering From an Addiction to Alcohol: Part II - Digestion

You probably aren't inclined to think of digestion as being an important part of addiction recovery, but it is. Many alcohol abusers derive much of their energy from the carbohydrates in alcohol and, as a result, have difficulty digesting proteins and fats—both of which happen to provide longer, more sustained energy and can help reduce the craving for alcohol.

To address this issue, I would suggest that anyone in recovery take a good digestive enzyme (one that contains bile salts) to aid in fat digestion. This is especially true if the individual no longer has their gallbladder. Concurrently, they should up their intake of beneficial fats and oils. Good sources include:

  • Olives
  • Flax
  • Fish
  • Nuts

I also recommend adding fermented foods into one's diet, along with a high-quality probiotic supplement. 

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