Q&A: The Effect of Diet on ADHD

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Q&A: The Effect of Diet on ADHD

Question: My son has been diagnosed with ADHD. As you’ve instructed, I’ve limited his use of sugar and refined carbohydrates, and I’ve been working to improve his adrenal gland function and blood sugar. He’s improved a lot, but is there anything else you can recommend? I know it may take some time, but any other quick suggestions that might speed up his progress would be appreciated.

Answer: A few of things might help. The first is cutting back, or even completely eliminating, wheat and wheat products, as well as most other high-glycemic grains. He may have a gluten sensitivity that could be contributing to the problem.

Second, I would make sure he’s taking a good multivitamin/mineral supplement for all the reasons I discussed in this month’s lead article. Also, get him on fish oil. If he’s of the age where supplements are hard for him to swallow, then there’s a wide variety of chewables on the market. Check what’s available at your local health food store.

I’ve seen numerous ADHD children have a tremendous improvement within a week from taking fish oil alone. Keep in mind it can also make a dramatic difference with depression in both children and adults. (And it can be a godsend for teenager and their frustrated parents).

Now it’s your turn: Have dietary changes improved symptoms of ADHD in your child?

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