Reduce Eye Strain and Protect your Vision with Vitamin A and Taurine Supplements


Eye problems can be as much a part of aging as gray hair, but just like coloring the gray out, you can take steps to reduce eye strain and “save” your vision. Nutritional supplements contain nutrients that help you reduce eye strain from computer and TV screens, and preserve healthy eyes.

Two of the most important nutrients to reduce eye strain and protect your vision are Vitamin A and taurine.

Vitamin A for clear, sharp vision

Vitamin A is essential to healthy vision. Your retinas use the vitamin A to convert light into the chemical reactions that make up vision. Vitamin A also helps to protect your eyes from the free radicals generated by exposure to UV light from the sun. Plus, vitamin A supports the macular tissues in your eyes, helping to keep your vision sharp and clear.

Vitamin A is found in egg yolk, cheese, milk, butter and margarine. Be careful, all these foods are also high in fat. The best way to get vitamin A is through supplementation. Dr. Williams recommends daily intake: 5,000–25,000 IU of vitamin A as beta-carotene per day.

Taurine is essential for healthy vision

Your eyes also need taurine, an amino acid found in meat, milk and fish. Taurine controls the electric charge across cell membranes. Taurine is essential for the function of nerve impulses. This nerve transmission is particularly critical in the eye, so the retina has a higher concentration of taurine than any other organ.

Many mammals, like cats, do not manufacture taurine and must get their taurine supply from food. If they don’t get enough, their eyesight quickly deteriorates. Humans do make their own taurine, but not very efficiently, especially as we age. We need to boost our taurine levels with supplementation. Dr. Williams recommends taking taurine supplements containing 500 to 600 mg a day for overall eye health.

Combining vitamin A and taurine with other nutrients gives you greater vision support

While vitamin A and taurine keep your eyes healthy, taking these two nutrients alone isn’t enough. That’s why Dr. Williams’ top-performing Vision Advantage® formula starts with vitamin A and taurine—but doesn’t stop there.

To create Vision Advantage, Dr. Williams added 9 other important nutrients to reduce eye strain and promote the health of your eyes. Vision Advantage includes astaxanthin, which clinical studies show helps reduce the symptoms of eye strain and fatigue. Plus, he added lutein, a critical antioxidant that supports clear, healthy lenses.

Dr. Williams’ formula also gives you N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), a powerful nutrient that is the most effective at increasing glutathione levels. Your lenses need high levels of glutathione to remain clear. Plus, you get other powerful antioxidants to reduce eye strain, filter out ultraviolet rays, and support the lenses and retinas.

All the nutrients in Vision Advantage work together to help promote and protect the health of your eyes (including the lens, macula, retina, iris-ciliary muscle, and blood vessels), strengthen the eye tissues, protect their delicate cells from free radicals, and reduce eye strain and fatigue You get complete vision support.

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