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Library of Medical Lies (eBook only)

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Don't be fooled by medical myths. I set the record straight in this eBook to help you protect your health.

In one giant volume are my top 50 secrets for defeating disease by ignoring punishing health advice and using my outrageously safe, cheap, and pleasant alternatives, including…

  • FORGET SWEATING! 10-minute non-exercise reverses osteoporosis and boosts muscle strength up to 30% better than lifting weights
  • FORGET SHOTS! How flu vaccines cause flu in older people, and the Israeli extract that’s even proven to banish the bird flu virus
  • FORGET HRT! These fruit seeds contain a safe compound practically identical to natural human estrogen
  • FORGET COSTLY “CURES” for reflux and ulcers! World’s most common amino acid fixes it nearly for free
  • TAKE BACK YOUR SUGAR BOWL! The real cause of skyrocketing obesity and diabetes is this make-you-fat “drug” that they’re sneaking into our food
  • PLUS, much more!