On Women and Fluid Retention

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On Women and Fluid Retention

Although everyone is susceptible to edema, fluid retention does seem to be more of a problem in women. There are a couple of reasons for this tendency. For one, because of their naturally occurring, higher level of body fat, women have less water reserves, making it easier for them to become dehydrated. Additionally, some women have a problem with excess estrogen, which also causes the body to retain water. The excess fluid is the reason for the breast tenderness that often occurs a week to ten days prior to their period. Excess estrogen also tends to depress thyroid function prior to the period, resulting in excessive mood fluctuations, heavy cramping at the start of the period, and heavy flow.

Correcting fluid retention in these women requires a little more effort than the recommendations I've discussed so far. In addition to strengthening the adrenal glands, women who have these symptoms must also concentrate on helping the liver break down any excess estrogen in the system.

Given the right circumstances, the liver can eliminate extra estrogen. First, make sure that any problems with constipation are corrected. When the transit time through the bowel is longer than normal, excess toxins are absorbed into your body. Detoxifying this material is an extra burden on the liver, and it takes precedence over breaking down excess estrogen.

To break down excess estrogen, the liver requires adequate amounts of B vitamins, which are often depleted from eating too many refined carbohydrates. Overindulgence of sweets and refined carbohydrates is probably the primary reason for both the weakened adrenals and excess estrogen that results in fluid retention.

You can help eliminate breast tenderness and fluid retention throughout the menstrual cycle by supplementation. From the day menstrual flow stops until premenstrual symptoms begin (breast tenderness, fluid retention, mood swings, etc.), take a good "B-100" tablet once a day. Then take three tablets until the menstrual flow begins again. You'll find that alternating the B-vitamin dosage this way will work wonders.

Almost instant relief from the breast tenderness can also be obtained by stimulating some related "neurolymphatic points." The following points stimulate lymphatic drainage and circulation related to excess estrogen in the body. When premenstrual breast soreness is a problem, use your index and middle fingers and apply firm pressure using a circular motion for about 30 to 60 seconds to the areas shown at above right. Oftentimes you will experience immediate relief. This can be performed several times throughout the day, if necessary.

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