Conventional Treatments for Stopping Nausea

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Last Reviewed 02/06/2014

Conventional Treatments for Stopping Nausea

Learn how most doctors treat nausea

As is almost always the case, mainstream medical treatments for stopping nausea most often feature prescription or over-the-counter drugs. For instance, those who experience nausea as part of motion sickness are often advised to take the drug Dramamine. There are a number of drawbacks, however, to most of these anti-nausea drugs:

  • Many of these drugs cause negative side effects like drowsiness.
  • Most anti-nausea medications are not safe for pregnant women.
  • The cost of anti-nausea drugs can be substantial, yet many are ultimately ineffective.

For all of these reasons, I prefer natural anti-nausea remedies. See my simple, effective all-natural suggestions for stopping nausea.

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