Q&A: What Natural Therapies Do You Suggest for Relieving Knee Pain?

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I try to walk daily and occasionally even jog a little. However, I’ve been experiencing knee pain. X-rays show I probably have a little arthritis in the joint, and my doctor says I may need knee replacement surgery if it continues to worsen. Do you have any suggestions?

You can prove your doctor right about needing knee-replacement surgery by doing nothing, or you can take an active approach to start reversing the situation now with the right exercises and nutrition. Here’s what I suggest.

  • Adopt a lower impact form of exercise. The pounding produced by jogging destroys joints and eventually mobility. When you lose your mobility, you lose your independence and the ability to take care of yourself without assistance. Take up another form of aerobic exercise instead.
  • Begin strengthening the joints. I suggest you do some simple squatting and leg extension exercises to help build strong quadriceps (front thigh muscles) that protect the knee from damage and minimize the pain from arthritis in the joint. I also like a device called the Power Plate, which provides a form of vibration therapy that helps build muscles and bone density. In a study of 265 patients, the Mayo Clinic found that patients with the strongest quadriceps had less pain and more mobility, and were found to lose less joint cartilage.
  • Increase nutritional support targeted at healthy bones and joints. Specifically, this means giving your body the necessary raw materials to protect and rebuild the damaged cartilage in your knee joint. Studies continue to show that chondroitin sulfate reduces joint pain and the loss of joint cartilage. Even better results can be obtained when you supplement with a complete cartilage complex and not just an isolated compound like chondroitin sulfate. This is because cartilage is composed of hundreds of sulfates, hyaluronic acid, collagen, and various glycosaminoglycans. A high-quality supplement will include all of these.
  • Adjust your diet. Nutrition is also critical, and what you eat will influence the severity of your arthritis symptoms. One of the most powerful joint-building foods is homemade bone broth. It's a rich source of hyaluronic acid and definitely one of the most potent, yet overlooked, tools for restoring joint health.

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