My Response to the New York Times Green Tea Extract Controversy

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A recent New York Times article published this weekend discusses people who have suffered liver damage due to weight loss supplement use, especially those which contains green tea extract. Though it is unethical and dangerous some supplement manufacturers, described as those “on the fringe” of the supplement market, are spiking their supplements with steroids and large, harmful doses of green tea extract. However, do not let this frighten you from supplement use as there are certainly supplement manufacturers who abide by high safety standards set forth by regulators. Indeed, the entire Dr. David Williams supplement line adheres to stringent quality standards and a unique Triple Testing Philosophy™ that exceeds industry Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and FDA requirements to deliver safe, superior products every time.

My weight loss products which include green tea have been passed clinical trials. In addition, the active ingredient in my weight loss products is Green Tea Phytosome, which has an exceedingly high safety profile and was found to have no harmful or toxic side effects when tested on human patients.

It is noteworthy that many of the subjects of the New York Times article appear to have purchased their supplements from the drug store and also used multiple pills. Treating physicians were unable to determine exactly which supplement caused the problem because of the mixing of pills. I highly advise patients to be vigilant about their supplements and to take care in using one weight loss supplement at a time, from well-respected supplement manufacturers. Though it is tempting to buy the most affordable supplements while on a casual trip to the drug store, there is a wide range of practice in the supplement industry.

Be safe and healthy!

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