About Dr. David G. Williams

Dr. David WilliamsYou walk into a health food store and the intelligent-looking guy behind the counter puts down what he’s reading. He smiles, says hello, and asks if he can help you. Chances are, he was reading Dr. David Williams’ ALTERNATIVES newsletter when you walked in.

In fact, if you ask people in the natural healing professions—nutritionists, osteopaths, chiropractors, holistic nurses—they’ll tell you that Dr. Williams is an expert they personally rely on to learn about new solutions that can help their own patients. Many mainstream doctors also subscribe to keep up with the future of natural medicine.

These professionals know very well what’s different about Dr. Williams. From him they first hear about cures and prevention techniques from remote parts of the world that you just won’t find in any medical journal or “commercial” health newsletter.

Every so often, Dr. Williams uncovers a true breakthrough in healing that’s completely new to us Americans—such as the nattokinase and amla extract in Total CardioCover. If Dr. Williams believes we are missing out on something that could dramatically improve our health, he’ll work with the inventors or even with local farmers to bring this breakthrough remedy to the American consumer, at a reasonable price.

Doctor on SiteQuality Gatekeeper:

Dr. Williams is notorious for demanding high standards. He won’t recommend any new natural remedy until he has personally investigated every important fact, laboratory study, and piece of clinical evidence. David Williams says it best...

“I do years of research to triple-check the facts, because the last question I always ask myself is, would I give this remedy to my own mom? Would it help her? Could she take it in complete safety? With Total CardioCover, the answer is YES, without hesitation.”

Dr. David G. Williams